Target Validation Research Associate

Position Details

  • Job Title: Target Validation Research Associate
  • Location: New York
  • Job Category: Drug Discovery-Biology

Job Summary

The Drug Discovery – Biology Target Validation Research Associate will be a member of the drug discovery team charged with validating pharmacological targets identified from our first in class technology platform. The role entails confirming target relevance in pertinent experimental mouse models as well as dissecting biological pathways for pharmacological intervention using molecular, histological, and in vitro methods. Our Drug Discovery – Biology Target Validation Research Associate will operate in an interdisciplinary team to understand mechanism of action in appropriate animal models, identify and validate lead therapeutic candidate compounds, and work up robust biomarkers of therapeutic efficacy. Candidates for this role will be highly motivated with strong critical thinking skills and a desire to learn. As this role liaises with our discovery platform team and both biologists and chemists in our drug discovery group, the successful candidate must be able to work collaboratively and possess outstanding organizational skills as well as written, visual and oral communication skills. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Work up animal models of disease and biomarkers of disease activity
  • In vitro work using cell lines, primary culture, and/or organoids to assess compound mechanism of action
  • Molecular and histological characterization of tissues from genetic and experimental models alone and in combination with drug treatment
  • Test platform-derived targets for physiological relevance in the gut
  • Work with an interdisciplinary team of biologists and chemists to develop assays to identify and validate points of pharmacological intervention

You must have:

  • B.S. or M.S. in Biology
  • Research experience in molecular biology or neurobiology
  • Mouse handling experience
  • A firm grasp of experimental design and a commitment to excellence

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Experience sectioning and staining animal tissue for confocal microscopy
  • Proficiency with in vitro biology and aseptic technique
  • In vivo or in vitro pharmacology experience
  • Experience working on projects involving signaling pathways, gene regulation, and/or intracellular communication mechanisms a plus

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