Pharmacology Research Associate

Position Details

  • Job Title: Pharmacology Research Associate
  • Location: New York
  • Job Category: Drug Discovery-Biology

Job Summary

The In Vitro Pharmacology Research Associate will be a member of a team charged with discovering and validating novel drug targets and gut paracrine circuits; and providing biomarker support for existing drug discovery programs. Candidates must be highly motivated and possess previous in vitro pharmacology experience. Successful candidates must be able to work effectively both in a collaborative setting and independently while possessing outstanding written, visual and oral communications skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designing and executing in vitro pharmacology experiments in a variety of established organoid and multi-cellular models
  • Using immunoassays to measure key pharmacodynamic biomarkers generated from in vivo and in vitro studies
  • Growth and maintenance of human and mouse organoid cell lines
  • Developing additional multi-cellular models and in vitro assays

Qualifications and Education Requirements

You must have:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s in biology, biochemistry or a related field
  • 3-5 years post-grad working experience
  • Experience with tissue culture techniques
  • Experience executing pharmacology studies
  • Experience performing microplate-based immunoassays such as ELISA or Meso Scale

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Sample preparation and biochemical techniques such as precipitation, solid phase extraction and antibody labeling
  • Molecular biology techniques including qPCR, single cell sequencing and CRISPR
  • FACS based assays

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