Sequencing Scientist

Position Details

  • Job Title: Sequencing Scientist
  • Location: New York
  • Job Category: Sequencing


The Sequencing Scientist will be a member of the team charged with taking the latest technology and breakthroughs in RNA-sequencing and applying them to study of the gut-brain axis. Candidates should be highly motivated with extensive experience in RNA-sequencing techniques. They should also be on top of the latest developments in the field and be able to incorporate them into Kallyope’s platform. Successful candidates must be able to work effectively both in a collaborative setting and independently while possessing outstanding written, visual and oral communications skills.


  • Development and validation of single-cell & bulk-sequencing technologies
  • Organization and implementation of sequencing work
  • Liaising with the bioinformatics team for data processing and interpretation
  • Contributing to the platform and target validation program strategy by representing sequencing on core teams


You must have:

  • PhD degree in a biological science
  • Multiple years of experience with single-cell sequencing
  • Demonstrated experience with developing and implementing RNA-seq technologies

Additional preferred experience includes:

  • Experience working with GI, neuronal & immune cell types

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