Neuroscience Research Associate

Position Details

  • Job Title: Neuroscience Research Associate
  • Location: New York
  • Job Category: Neurobiology


The Neuroscience Research Associate will be a member of a team charged with identifying and modulating neural circuits along the gut-brain axis for target identification and disease modulation. Candidates must be highly motivated with previous experience in mouse experimental models, mouse surgery, and histological techniques. Successful candidates must be able to work effectively, both independently and in a collaborative setting, have exceptional organizational abilities, and possess outstanding written and oral communication skills.


  • Mouse surgeries
  • In vivo viral injections
  • In vivo compound dosing
  • Histological processing (Immunohistochemistry, In situ hybridization)
  • Image acquisition of tissue specimens
  • Data organization and presentation


You must have:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biology
  • Experience working with mouse experimental models
  • Experience with histology/immunohistochemistry
  • Motivation to learn, collaborate and be part of a team charged to translate biological discoveries to the clinic

Additional preferred experience includes: 

  • Experience with optogenetics and chemogenetics
  • Experience with stereotaxic injections
  • Experience with tissue culture techniques
  • Experience with ELISA assays
  • Research experience in neuroscience

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